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Top 5 Alternatives To Google Play Store Market


The Google Play Store is an impressive destination for people with Android smartphones. This is primarily because Google market has been in the industry longer than other app markets. It also comes as a preinstalled app on most Android devices. If you are familiar with the Playstore, you might find yourself looking for other similar apps. There is an endless list of such apps, most of which are similar to the Playstore. Here is a list of some popular App markets.

Popular Apps For Android Devices

The Aptoide app marketssDcSsDefcDS

Top on our list is the Aptoide app market. This marketplace has been considered to be Google’s only real threat. The Aptoide apk gives users a chance to download some of your favorite apps for free. Moreover, you also get some apps that are not available in Google Playstore. Aptoide is also highly preferred for its ergonomics or ease of use. With this app, you can download multiple apps at the same time, have your updates just as they come up, and use it when in any nation.

The Amazon app market

This is another alternative Android marketplace for your Android device. It also has a huge variety of apps, some of which are free and others are paid. Interestingly, you also stand to get some paid apps for free when using this marketplace. This made even better by the “Free App of the Day” feature. The Amazon app market also boasts of a huge variety of Android app from thousands of developers across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy App Market

This app market is primarily for users with Samsung smartphones. Like Google play store, it also comes as a preinstalled app on all Samsung smartphones. The only downside with this app is that it has very little to offer.

Slicing App Market

asDAaZDScaSDSDThis app offers Android users a variety of premium Android apps to choose from. Like other app markets, it has both free and paid apps. You also do not need to download any file here. You only need to get an app of your choice and install it on your smartphone.

Do you have to use alternative app markets?

There are many reasons why alternative app market stores are steadily becoming popular. Alternative app markets like Aptoide give you the chance to enjoy applications that are not listed in Google Playstore. You also get the chance to download your favorite apps when in a country where Google play store is not available.

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