Today’s technology in classrooms connects teachers and students in powerful ways. The days when students had to write down all the stuff said by the teacher whether it was in the form of a lecture or something else is gone and this is happening due to the drastic changes in the technology world. Now most of the schools and colleges have adopted new technology to teach their students. Technology has discovered nowadays many interactive ways, and one of them is the Internet.

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If we talk about the internet, it will be limited to a certain extent a few years back. Nowadays many people are well aware of this word INTERNET but in the recent past, many people had heard this word but did not have any idea about the meaning and functionality of this term. But now many people are much exposed to this term. Many schools and colleges have implemented internet facility to their premises allowing students to take advantage of this technology by connecting their laptops and computers using WI-fi.

Technology in classrooms has changed the way of learning and getting a very effective response from every part of the world. It makes learning very easy and efficient with an excellent interactive mode. In the market, there are software and tools available which are helpful in advance learning.

Technological benefits are perceived in all sectors, as well as in every district. New ideas, new initiatives are being put up in front to eliminate fatigue proposals. Though it is a challenging task, a proper utilization of technology must be done to have great success. There are some of the points which are crucial to bringing success in district-wide educational technology initiatives.They include:

Careful planning and goal setting

District-wide Educational technology will just not happen at once as proper planning and setting must be put in place. Information needs to be gathered in a way that meetings, surveys, collection of data, staff information ought to be there in the development program.

Professional guidance and limit on access

teacherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrGuide teachers to make the students know the limit of the technology usage. Allowing children to have access to technology at home will only be possible by making the parents well aware of the technology benefits and having  internet access.

Technology has shown a huge change in the classroom as well as in the lives of people. With the co-operation of teachers, students, parents and management, the usage of the internet and computer can be operated well. Furthermore, for the curriculum development, planning, and better refinement, technology will be functional.

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