Best tips when choosing the right bulbs


One of the most challenging things for most people especially those with little experience in the field of electronics is choosing the right bulb. The bulbs vary depending on some factors. Some of these factors include the amount of energy, color, the amount of light emitted, and the heat produced. The Viribright’s light bulb comparison will assist you in getting the right bulbs. Let us explore some of the best tips to consider when choosing the right bulbs.

Best tips

Bulb wattage


The bulb wattage is of great importance when purchasing a bulb. When buying any the lighting fixture, it is important to note the maximum wattage that it will be able to get. A bulb that has a high wattage will produce excess light and heat as compared to those that have lower wattage. The wattage that is indicated on the bulb is an indication of the power that the bulb will consume; it does indicate the amount of light that the bulb will generate.

Right fitting

Secondly, choose a light bulb with the correct fitting. Many people have had to return the light bulb because they were of the wrong fitting. Some of the ways of ensuring that you purchase the light bulb of the correct fitting is carrying an old bulb or measuring the bulb holder before going to the electronic shop. You could also note the fitting reference number and take it to the electronic shop just to ensure that you purchase the correct light bulb.

Color and brightness

Different bulbs come in various color and brightness. They are used for various purposes in the home and industry hence the variation. When buying a lighting bulb, the two should, therefore, be considered. For instance, when purchasing a security light, it should be very bright as it will be used to illuminate the darkness.
Similarly, you can choose light bulbs of different colors if they are meant for disco. Depending on the occasion or personal preference, you can choose the LED light bulb of your choice.

Efficiency ratings


The efficiency rating of the bulb is also of great importance. The efficiency of the bulb simply tells us the amount of energy that will be converted to light and the other that will be lost to things like heat. It is advisable to buy bulbs that have an efficiency of more than 80 percent. This means that more than 80% of its energy will be utilized and the remaining 20% lost.

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